Who We Serve Senior Management

Senior management is held accountable for making the numbers forecasted to their investors and their board. Making those numbers is a complex task and every member of the management team plays a role in it. Three major contributors to variability in forecasting are:

  • Subjectivity in revenue projections

  • Low conversion rates

  • Excessive cost of sale

To reduce the impact of those factors, senior management has to:

  • Create and execute a go-to-market plan

  • Develop auditable processes throughout the entire revenue generating process

  • Align processes across departments

  • Lead and motivate the organization

  • Retain and nurture talent

To help you address those challenges we provide services directly to senior management and to each component of the revenue organization. Our services for senior management include:

  • Revenue organization development

  • Process development

  • Leadership development

You can also drill down and review our services for specific functions within the revenue organization by reviewing the relevant section of our Services page.

We can help you with any of these specific development efforts or help you put together an overall performance improvement plan. To best accomodate your needs, we offer a variety of services:

  • Instructor-led programs

  • Distance-learning programs (web and telephone)

  • Individual coaching

  • Development and review of presentation materials

  • Self-paced materials and job aids

  • Process mapping and process refinements

  • Change management

  • Project management



  • "HSG designed and implemented an online ordering and financial system for our client that far exceeded expectations." Jackie Townsend, President

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  • "During our merger, Paul's guidance helped us navigate the challenges we faced integrating the two organizations." Jayne Hancock, President

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  • "Paul's training, coaching, and tools helped me with specific accounts and grow overall as a sales professional." Rex Klein, Account Executive

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  • "Paul's marketing and project management expertise was critical in successfully launching our first Security Summit." Michael Jones, President

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  • "Revenue has increasd by 25%. New customers are coming in...We've developed new revenue streams and more are on the way." Steve Wilson, Proprietor

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  • "...Paul gave us the crucial information, tools, and coaching to convert more of our enterprise level opportunities into wins..." Eric Albertson, President

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  • "Paul helped us move into larger accounts, which resulted in an opening sale of $280,000." Rex Klein, Vice President of Sales

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  • "Paul's...program reduced the time my new reps took to reach quota by two months..." John Sedlacek, Vice President of Sales

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Tools & Tips

Sell unto others as you would have them sell unto you.

The Golden Rule applies to selling as it does to life.

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Learn what the top sales performers do to increase their win rate and consistently make quota.

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