Who We Serve Professional Services: Pre-sales, Implementation, And Customer Support

Professional services are used to promote sales and help customers realize the desired benefits from your products. To be effective, services personnel must have a broad mix of skills:

  • Solid technical knowledge and skills

  • Product usage knowledge

  • A good understanding of the customer's business environment

  • Strong communication skills

  • Political skills to manage the often conflicting demands of the diverse groups they work with (e.g., customers, sales, management)

Professional services personnel face a complex set of challenges. Depending on their role, they have to:

  • Have effective conversations with customers about a broad range of topics, including technical issues, product usage questions, and potential benefits

  • Conduct product demos that effectively prove the capabilities sought by prospects without overloading them with excessive product information

  • Effectively address objections and questions

  • Qualify opportunities on functional and technical requirements

  • Get key account information from sales

  • Document and share data with other members of the revenue organization

  • Design activities to support the sales process

  • Manage the demands and expectations of both customers and sales

We provide a variety of services to help services professionals and organizations address those challenges by improving their discovery and communication skills, design and deliver effective product demos, document and share key account data, and align their processes with sales. Those services include:

  • Instructor-led programs

  • Distance-learning programs (web and telephone)

  • Individual coaching

  • Self-paced workbooks and other instructional materials

  • Job aids and other support tools

  • Process mapping and process refinements

  • Change management



  • "HSG designed and implemented an online ordering and financial system for our client that far exceeded expectations." Jackie Townsend, President

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  • "During our merger, Paul's guidance helped us navigate the challenges we faced integrating the two organizations." Jayne Hancock, President

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  • "Paul's training, coaching, and tools helped me with specific accounts and grow overall as a sales professional." Rex Klein, Account Executive

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  • "Paul's marketing and project management expertise was critical in successfully launching our first Security Summit." Michael Jones, President

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  • "Revenue has increasd by 25%. New customers are coming in...We've developed new revenue streams and more are on the way." Steve Wilson, Proprietor

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  • "...Paul gave us the crucial information, tools, and coaching to convert more of our enterprise level opportunities into wins..." Eric Albertson, President

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  • "Paul helped us move into larger accounts, which resulted in an opening sale of $280,000." Rex Klein, Vice President of Sales

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  • "Paul's...program reduced the time my new reps took to reach quota by two months..." John Sedlacek, Vice President of Sales

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