Our Approach Universal Process Model

There is general agreement on the core components that comprise a process. Pictured above is our version of those components and their relationships. Each of these these components must be clearly defined before you begin more complicated process activties, such as:

  • Process analysis

  • Process mapping

  • Process development

  • Process improvements

The components may seem self-evident, but their appearance can be deceptive. Just because something is simple does not mean it is unimportant - that it does not deserve close attention, careful analysis, or is easy to implement. In the rush to get to more advanced activities, often the fundamental is overlooked.

For instance, consider the prcocess owner is designated. Far too often, it is assigned with only superficial analysis or by using haphazard criteria. But to be successful, a process owner needs to have a complex set of skills and attributes:

  • General process skills and knowledge

  • Expertise in the specific process under study

  • Project management skills

  • Staff management and team leadership skills

If the process owner is lacking in any of those, then some plan needs to be developed to address that deficit. In addition, the process owner must have aqequate time to dedicate to the process and their compensation should be tied to the performance of the process.

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